Royce Ng is an artist based in Hong Kong. He often works with the anthropologist Daisy Bisenieks in the collective Zheng Mahler


in collaboration with Daisy Bisenieks and the Elephants Laugh Theatre Company

2012, Nim Kwan Ham Keh, 3D digital animation, 1020x1980 HD, 2:06

2012, Untitled Smelting, HD video, 8:24

Many of the men in the Ip Jong Dong district of Seoul have lived and worked in the area since the 1960's when they arrived from country towns as teenagers to find work as apprentices in the city. Some are unmarried and sleep above their workshops and tend to their tools and machines like tender lovers. The popular 1970's Korean song 'Nim Kwa Hum Keh' by Nam Jin tells of a lovers happiness in the countryside with the passing of the seasons away from the tired life the city. In this video, the workers tools and machines 'animate' and serenade their owners like lovers accompanied by a mechanical remix of the song made from sounds recorded from the workshops in the area. In parallel is a video which documents in detail the processes of early Korean Modernity, which now seem like rituals from our antiquity, where one of the workers transforms soil into steel.